Nov 30th, 2019
2018 and 2019 have been a whirlwind! Alongside the most stimulating encounters with new and old homies, collaborators and artists I've had the honor to co-teach with! Here's a handful of happy highlights........     :)

ED BOYER - Deconstructing the production to "Daft Punk" with Pentatonix' mixer / producer Ed Boyer!

KURTIS BLOW - Co-teaching Hip Hop production with the legendary and Krusher of Grooves, Kurtis Blow!


KENT MATCKE - The power of Metallica compels you! Kent is the OG, high priest of major label, big recording studio ettiquette and ... the bringer of mëtål badassery. He taught me soooo much while cutting my assistant engineering teeth at The Plant studios. He's been Metallica's in-house audio slayer for many years and has stories to boot... And he's the warmest, sunniest dude ever. Love ya my brothah!

(and while giving me a tour of Metallica's HQ, look what I spotted!...)

PIONEERING LADIES OF SONIC WIZARDRY - Suzanne Ciani could not be cooler! I had the chance to rap extensively with her at the college and.... siiiigh.... I'm totally inspired. That warm glow you can hear in her music... that is Suzanne.

Sylvia Massy
... needs no introductions! We co-taught a few classes at Berklee and... I think... we... think... quite alike. Always trying to push beyond the confines of the box as... we question the box itself!