DRUMMA - Drum Luthier Bada$$e$ !!!
Nov 29th, 2019

What would you say about a posse of badass drum lutheirs that are out to sponsor... a record producer?! The incredibly funny and ridiculously talented Italian luthiers Drumma have been hard at work, creating custom-made snares that sound like the crazy, unattainable sounds in my mind... These guys are seriously dedicated, talented and... did I mention funny-as-all-hell?

Thank you Drumma for making exceptionally excellent drums (and guitars and basses!) and for chasing and nailing down the dreams of us crazy music makers. You've made my productions and even my teaching at Berklee sound and feel, like groovy, impactful, next-level goodness! And... last but definetely not least, thank you Enrico Santangelo for bringing us together... and for playing the heeeeell out of those *@%$%! drums!