IZOTOPE - Mix Resolutions: 10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes
Jan 21st, 2017
Already given up on your New Year's resolutions? Don't throw in the towel just yet! Start the year off with some new skills...Mix Resolutions: 10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes in 2017.
   Creative, innovative, daring, mold-breaking, life-saving, slick, gritty and all-around awesome... how b@d@$$ is iZotope?!?! My dear friend and education director for iZotope, Jonathen Wyner gave me a commission I couldn't decline... Make a Top 10 list of effective, efficient mixing techniques. Tall order Jonathan, tall order! Hands-on  practical and deep into the philosophical... here they are. I'm very proud of these and I hope they are useful to all! Enjoy, share and happy mixing !!!