CHULIUS & THE FILARMONICOS - Producing, Playing & Mixing
Mar 23rd, 2015

Under the name CHULIUS & THE FILARMONICOS... The singer for the Grammy winning band Los Amigos Invisibles, my dear friend and compatriot Julio Briceņo has just released his second solo album SHORTS & SANDALS!

Julio and I spent many-a-months working over the interwebs co-producing this album packed to the brim with funky, trippy, eclectic, rawking and totally quirky fun for the whole family.

I had a ton of fun producing, programming, playing and mixing this album but, as I've mentioned before, my biggest compliments go to Julio for making such cool music, for being so creatively generous and being one of the hardest working dudes I've ever known!

Preview the entire album on ITUNES and check out the video for the sing "Leita" !