Mar 9th, 2022


Feb 17th, 2022

Dec 22nd, 2021

Jun 7th, 2021
Founding member of the rock juggernaut ViniloVersus and my dear friend Adriantxu, just released his first single as a solo artist "We Die Together"!

Adriantxu initially gave me free creative reign to mix this song and the collaboration went so well and the song developed so much, we wound up co-producing the track together. I'm extra proud of the result and what a vibey track this is... Please go check the video which puts in full display, Adriantxu's awesome photographic eye for shining a bright light onto the recesses of a dark sky.

Jun 2nd, 2021
     What do we all yearn to know?... "What does it really take to be a world-class record producer / engineer / performer?"... Right?!?

Join Olle Romo and I in an in-depth conversation covering the “real-world” inner workings of what it means to be a world-class producer, engineer, and performer. Drawing from Olle's wide-ranging experience working alongside artists like Muse, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Shania Twain, and Elton John, we unveiled the traits of a music industry professional, shedding light on these elusive crafts.

May 10th, 2021
A quick note to throw some love to my dear Tata Vega!

Back in 2013, I recorded and mixed Tata's solo album This Joy and what a blaaaast that was (as evidenced below, with the likes of Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Abe Laboriel on bass)!

Tata Vega Group Photo Magïk

All of this preamble to set the stage and celebrate her latest collaboration singing with the wonderfully dreamy Lana Del Rey!
(I just caught this, so just had to share the loooove...)

And now for some throwback love, turn up and enjoy "Just to Know Christ" from This Joy !!!

Nov 9th, 2020
Victor Wooten... the man, the myth, my fellow ramen slayer!
I had the tremendous honor of mixing Victor's ode to overcoming adversity in pandemic times "6 Beats Apart"!

Featuring a who's who of Berklee College of Music's faculty, staff and administration leadership... this was a blast to put together (and if you open your eyes really wide, right at minute 2:00, you might just catch a cameo of yours truly counting down in proper Spanishese)!     ;)

And a bonus entry, here's the instrumental, for all you music nerds out there! Enjoy and stay safe "6 Beats Apart"...

Mar 8th, 2020
Martin Scorsese called "The Haunting", the scariest movie of all time...

I agree, it's right up there with the great ones and... I loved presenting it for The Elements of Cinema cycle! The lovely folks at The Brattle Theater in Harvard square, invited me to analyze one of my favorite films and... I had a frightfully excellent time nerding out with a packed house on what makes the sound design of this film so &^%#!@ spooky!

If you haven't seen this horror classic (and you're not terribly scared of things that go bump in the night..) check it out! The ghosts at Hill House are dying to meet you   :)

Feb 14th, 2020
!!!! VIVA EL AMOR !!!!

On the heels of their 2020 Latin Grammy win, Los Amigos Invisibles unleash "SOMETHING"!

It was a pleasure and an honor to produce, record, mix and even sling a guitar solo(!) on what became our celebration of love, friendship... and vintage 8-Bit video games! 

Give it a spin, dedicate it to a loved one and in your best and most sensual spanglish, whisper in their ear...     "Tu me das Something. Yes, Tu Me Das Something"     ;)

Nov 30th, 2019

Yes and Yes, with a side order of Heeeell Yeeeees !!!!

Los Amigos Invisibles strike again! This time winning the "Mejor Canción Alternativa" category at the 20th Latin Grammy Awards, for their song "Tócamela"!!!

I had a blast jumping in on mastering duties, with my partner in sonic crime, Tom Hutten as we tried to make this record jump out of the speakers... and it did!

20 + years of funky Latin dance party goodness... Sooo many stories...  I'm so proud of these guys and what we've all achieved! Thank you for keeping it real, for keeping it funky and fun and fighting the good fight for the best reasons... Good vibes and the pursuit of that funky Latin dance party goodness! Felicitaciones mis panas queridos!

Nov 30th, 2019
2018 and 2019 have been a whirlwind! Alongside the most stimulating encounters with new and old homies, collaborators and artists I've had the honor to co-teach with! Here's a handful of happy highlights........     :)

ED BOYER - Deconstructing the production to "Daft Punk" with Pentatonix' mixer / producer Ed Boyer!

KURTIS BLOW - Co-teaching Hip Hop production with the legendary and Krusher of Grooves, Kurtis Blow!


KENT MATCKE - The power of Metallica compels you! Kent is the OG, high priest of major label, big recording studio ettiquette and ... the bringer of mëtål badassery. He taught me soooo much while cutting my assistant engineering teeth at The Plant studios. He's been Metallica's in-house audio slayer for many years and has stories to boot... And he's the warmest, sunniest dude ever. Love ya my brothah!

(and while giving me a tour of Metallica's HQ, look what I spotted!...)

PIONEERING LADIES OF SONIC WIZARDRY - Suzanne Ciani could not be cooler! I had the chance to rap extensively with her at the college and.... siiiigh.... I'm totally inspired. That warm glow you can hear in her music... that is Suzanne.

Sylvia Massy
... needs no introductions! We co-taught a few classes at Berklee and... I think... we... think... quite alike. Always trying to push beyond the confines of the box as... we question the box itself!

Nov 29th, 2019

The wonderful crew at Audio Technica asked me to jot down some of my eccentric views of sonic phenomena and.... SHhhhBLaaAM !!!
If you're curious about my views on how it is positively impossible for engineers not to distort reality (even them hi-fi, hi-brow classical folk can't get away from this!), give this blog post a spin! And since we're here...

Have I mentioned just how much I  looooove  Audio Technica?

Not only do they make straight-shooting, solid, sturdy, road-tested, robust, badass microphones, headphones and all sorts of audio magic, but from day one... they "got me". Roxie Ricks and the entire team at AT have been wonderfully supportive of my work and... I love them back, not only for being excellent humans, but also cuz their gear is da boooomb! So much so, that the Music Production Master's program at Berklee Online, for which I am the program director, tells students that for straight-shooting, solid, sturdy, road-tested, robust, badass microphones, headphones and all sorts of audio magic... AT is the way to go. All-The-Way!

Audio Technica, thank you for the invite to write for the AT blog and for manufacturing excellent music-making gear, truly accessible to us earthbound, hardworking music-making humans!

Nov 29th, 2019

Super honored to direct and shape Berklee's Colombian exchange through Berklee Latino! We've found an incredible partner in, what I believe, is the hippest, bestest institution for contemporary music and technology instruction... EMMAT. Not only are they seriously committed to excellence but, I really couldn't ask for better partners in helping explore new, creative ways to teach and push the boundaries of sonic art through technology. I really look forward to the next adventure and hanging with the grooviest of professors, staff and students!      For your consideration, I submit the evidence below   ;)

Nov 29th, 2019

What would you say about a posse of badass drum lutheirs that are out to sponsor... a record producer?! The incredibly funny and ridiculously talented Italian luthiers Drumma have been hard at work, creating custom-made snares that sound like the crazy, unattainable sounds in my mind... These guys are seriously dedicated, talented and... did I mention funny-as-all-hell?

Thank you Drumma for making exceptionally excellent drums (and guitars and basses!) and for chasing and nailing down the dreams of us crazy music makers. You've made my productions and even my teaching at Berklee sound and feel, like groovy, impactful, next-level goodness! And... last but definetely not least, thank you Enrico Santangelo for bringing us together... and for playing the heeeeell out of those *@%$%! drums!

Nov 29th, 2019
A lightning-quick post with the heartiest of shout outs to all the Berklee graduates past and present! You truly make this insane, intense gig, inspiring and oh-so-worthwhile!

Gallons of giddy GRATITUDE to you all and here's to many, many more years of communal achievements, personal developments and forward motion!