Jul 11th, 2018
The wonders of the internet... Look what i just found... My chin resting on Tina Turner's finger!  ;)

By total chance I found a really cool video on the making of my friend Elisa's and Tina Turner's #1 hit radio song "Teach Me Again"! The year was 2006 and I had a blast trekking over to Zurich, Switzerland in pursuit of Tina's incredible vocal performance. 

What a lady, what a voice, what a viiiibe! Tina was the coolest and Elisa was the coolest and Enrique was... the luckiest guy ever   :)
Elisa - Tina Turner.jpg

Dec 9th, 2017


   As you might know, I produced "El Paradise" for my dear friends Los Amigos Invisibles and I coudn't be happier of the album we made and now... I coudn't be prouder of our Grammy nomination in the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative category!  A thunderous Hi5 and gallons of gratitude to the band and the entire team for making such amazing music, fighting the good fight and kicking so much @$$!

   And since I'm here, a shout out to my longtime, dear friends Desorden Público who are also nominated!  It's a big Venezuelan Grammy party up in here  ;)

   Good vibes, forward motion, fingers crossed and if you haven't already... Go bug out to "El Paradise" !!!


Sep 9th, 2017

Victor Wooten... need I say more?     YES!
Victor Wooten is Da Maaaaaaaan!     Of course he is!

I had the honor of mixing two songs for "Trypnotyx", the new Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers and Bob Franceschini project  and, yes, it is unbelievable. I've had the pleasure to co-teach production classes with Victor in the past and working together on this album was an incredible extension of the warmth of spirit, depth and frankly, badassery that this man puts out in the world.

And... it's #1 Jazz Record on ITunes!!!

Thank you Victor, Dennis and Bob for making excellent music and sharing it with the rest of us humans! Enjoy TRYPNOTYX !!!

Aug 31st, 2017


In the summer of 2017, Berklee College of Music and The Conservatory of Shanghai joined forces for a whirlwind slew of courses in performance, music technology, production and mixing. Check out the video above and see the hard work done by my students as we spent a week diving deep into the trenches of music production and the dark art of mixing.
玩的开心 !!!

Mar 4th, 2017
TASK: Describe Los Amigos Invisibles’ “El Paradise” in one word.

ANSWER: SexyLatinFreneticGroovySexyFreneticLatinParty!!!!! I’ve been a follower, a friend and fan of Los Amigos since I was old enough to NOT to be able to get into their shows. "El Paradise", which I had the pleasure of producing, playing on, mixing and co-mastering, without a doubt pushes the envelope of every single thing that has made them the most unique Latin dance powerhouse in the planet.

We spent about a year sculpting this beauty and I can honestly say, this is one of the albums I'm most proud of, in my entire career. Thank you LAI for kicking soooo much @$$! Strap on, tune in and plunge deep into this amazing journey. See you all at the pearly gates of… El Paradise!
Los Amigos Invisibles... New Album will Keep the Conga Spirit ALIVE!

Mar 4th, 2017
Do you guys know Sweetwater? Aka: "...The world's leading music technology and instrument retailer"? Yeaaah, those guys. The amazingly innovative, b@d@$$ team at iZotope invited me to share insight onto my production and mixing process and... we had a blast! I showcased the song "Eres Mis Ganas" from my Venezuelan compatriots Los Amigos Invisibles and we got the entire 600+ sales team up and groovin' at 7am ;)
Thank you iZotope and Sweetwater for the invite and for facilitating worldwide artistic creativity!

Jan 21st, 2017
Already given up on your New Year's resolutions? Don't throw in the towel just yet! Start the year off with some new skills...Mix Resolutions: 10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes in 2017.
   Creative, innovative, daring, mold-breaking, life-saving, slick, gritty and all-around awesome... how b@d@$$ is iZotope?!?! My dear friend and education director for iZotope, Jonathen Wyner gave me a commission I couldn't decline... Make a Top 10 list of effective, efficient mixing techniques. Tall order Jonathan, tall order! Hands-on  practical and deep into the philosophical... here they are. I'm very proud of these and I hope they are useful to all! Enjoy, share and happy mixing !!! 

Dec 24th, 2016
(I'll keep it short...)
   Los Amigos Invisibles = Latin, Party, Sexy, Groovy, Sexy, Latin, Party.

I had the honor of producing/mixing/playing-in/giving birth to 7 out of 11 tracks in the juggernaut of an album that is about to drop... El Paradise. Stay tuned but for now, here is the first single... Dame El Mamboooo. Enjoy the Latin, Party, Sexy, Groovy, Sexy, Latin, Party of my Latin Grammy winning compatriot homies  :)

Sep 17th, 2016
Simply put, my homies from Lago Film Fest put on an amazing cinematic experience in the beautiful town of Revine Lago, Italy (movie screens inside a lake, seriously?!) I had a blast teaching workshops, being interviewed alongside my friend and heroe Federico Savina (mixer for Dario Argento and Jodorowsky films...com'on!) and even getting to perform improvised, live music over some insane Polish films! A huge Thank You to the entire LFF family for working so hard to mke something so awesome and... See you next year!

Sep 17th, 2016

Check out this fun interview I did for Music Accelerator on how high school trauma propelled me into a career in the music business! How I started as an intern doing lunch runs for rock stars, how I developed into a producer/engineer, how I ended up as a professor at Berklee College of Music and all of the crazy adventures in between! Big up to my friend Mike Annuzi for leading this great series and helping aspiring professionals develop their chops and broaden their awareness of this unque and crazy craft :)

And for you spanish speakers, check out this interview made by my Mexican friends from NODES! We dove deep on "How do Producers work? What do they actually do? Hands-on advice for young artists and... Why is the craft so elusive and hard to describe?!" Get your R's rrrrrrolling and enjoy!

Aug 22nd, 2016

Switzerland's Prototype Status Dance Company strikes again! My dear friend and amazingly talented choreographer Jasmine Morand has created yet another genre-defying work of modern art... 12 nude dancers inside an enclosed hexagon which the viewers can only see reflected on the giant mirror suspended above the colossal structure... truly a sight to behold. I had the honor of composing an hour of ethetereal, eerie, earth-rumbling music to underline this suggestive kaleidoscope of sight & sound. Don't miss the trailer below and the entire piece will be posted soon... Stay tuned!

Jul 1st, 2015
Earlier this year, I received Berklee's Distinguished Faculty Award and, for once, I am uttelry and completely speechleess.
All I got is... GRA-TI-TUDE

"The Distinguished Faculty Awards honor the best of Berklee's teachers for the influence they have on the development of our students and their part in maintaining the college's commitment to educational excellence. We honor teaching that inspires curiosity and creativity in students, work that fosters respect and collaboration among colleagues, and contributions to the ongoing development of Berklee's unique curriculum."

This has been, without question, the most intense adventure I have ever embarked on... and it has also been the most rewarding.

Thank you students.
Thank you colleagues.
Thank you Berklee.

Jun 1st, 2015
I had a blast and a half at the 2nd annual Berklee Latino visit to Mexico. I lead an all-in-Spanish, 5-day production workshop at the TEC de Monterrey alongside special guest and long time homie Jose Torres (aka. El Catire) from Los Amigos Invisibles! We produced songs, tore into technology, dug deep into songwriting and shared many major-label-to-indie music business war stories from our collective careers. Check out the evidence...

I really had a blast and these Mexican students k-i-l-l-e-d it. So much passion and drive... Totally contagious and I cannot wait to go back next year!!!

May 6th, 2015
I had the great pleasure of mixing the new album "Tu Puoi Se Vuoi" by Italian Superstar Alexia. More then 5 million albums sold worldwide, 2 of them platinum and 8 of them gold. This new one we did... sounds very promising as well :) Check out the video for the single Sento!

Compliments to Alberto De Rossi for producing such a killer album and putting this great team together! In bocca al lupo Alexia !!!

Mar 29th, 2015

In this day and age, how can we define what a “producer" does? The role is always dynamic, difficult to pin-point, and never, ever the same succession of responsibilities.

I just presented an redux version ofan interactive lecture on the producer's managerial, financial, musical and psychological responsibilities drawing from the 627,462,453.52 hours I've spent (sweat) on major label to indie to no-budget productions in an attempt to shed some demystifying light on the elusive and dark art of modern record production!

The participants were super engaging, the questions incisive and the experience all around awesome. I felt we left the lecture feeling like we had allgone to the gym and done pushups for 3 hours straight... spent but really satisfied. A big thank you to Berklee's AES chapter and to all that attended... can't wait until the next one!